Friday 14th February 2014

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Launch of Gyle 59 and Exe Valley 30th Anniversary beer ‘It's Phil's Ale


’You don’t often turn down an invite to a pub to celebrate the launching of something good. 


Well on this occasion there were 2 celebrations, the launching of Gyle 59 Dorset beer and Exe Valley’s 30th year as a brewery. To celebrate their 30 years, Exe Valley launched ‘It's Phil's Ale’, a 4.8% Golden Beer created and first brewed by our late chair Philip Roberts.


How proud Phil would have been seeing us drinking his beer in a pub. Guy and James (EXE Valley) must also feel proud for brewing it to Phil’s high standards and what an excellent job they done.Also making a launch was Gyle 59, a new micro brewery in Thorncome, Dorset. Gyle 59’s beers are naturally cloudy, as Jon Hosking (Co-founder & Brewer) dose not use Isinglass finings. Cloudy or not, they were fine beers.


On offer were Pale & Bitter 5%, The Favourite (Porter) 6% and IPA 5.3%. Along with the many craft beers that were on sale at this new pub, a good time was had by all.


Ray Dwan

Chairman & Festival Organiser

Exeter & East Devon CAMRA

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