Local Breweries (update pending)

There are currently 9 breweries in the branch area which, in alphabetical order, are:

    Beer Engine (1983)(2015)
    Branscombe Vale (1992)

    Crossed Anchors Brewing (2015) 
    Exeter - formerly Topsham & Exminster (2003)
    Exe Valley (1984)

    Fat Pig  (2013)

    Hanlons - formerly O'Hanlon's (2013)
    Isca Ales - formerly Gargoyles (2005)
    Otter (1990) 
    Powderkeg (2015)

    Topsham Ales (2009)

The following have recently closed:

    Blackdown (2002-08)

    O'Hanlon's (2000-13) bought and renamed Hanlons
    Masters (2006-08)
    Warrior (2004-09)

If you are aware of any other Micro Breweries, opening in the Exeter and East Devon Area, or are planning to open a brewery in that area please click      to email the web editor so he can update this page.


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