CAMRA Young Members

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, is extremely proud of its hugely diverse membership. Over 130,000 individuals of all ages, backgrounds and both sexes enjoy their CAMRA membership.


11% of the total national membership is aged between 18-30 years old; these are CAMRA's Young Members (YM).

Young Members are encouraged to join in with numerous social activities, as well as becoming involved in CAMRA at a local, regional and national level. You have the opportunity to shape the future of a growing part of the campaign.


Are you a Student?​

Would you like £20 worth of Wetherspoons ale vouchers?

Does any of this interest you?

* Assisting at ale and cider festivals.
* Learning new employable skills.
* Earn free or discounted ale, cider and clothing.
* Save with free/discounted entry to over 160 ale & cider festivals.

* Come and make new like-minded drinking buddies.
* Identify home brewing techniques and gain advice.
* Decide to come on social trips to breweries, pubs and other festivals.
* Exe Ale, What's Brewing and Beer magazines available free.
* Relax and enjoy - Join CAMRA Young Members

All this and much more for under £20 per year if you're 26 and under!


Surely if you like Ale and Cider it is a no brainer!

Even if you are over 26, email us and be part of Young Members, (18 - 30).

Currently our YM Rep post is vacant, however if you are a Young Member,

or would be intrested in knowing more then please click      and make contact.

We would love to hear from you and you would be most welcome.