Exeter and East Devon CAMRA - Social Events Page for 2013

12th Jan 2013 - Half Pint Marathon

We kicked the year off with our first social "Bob's First Half Pint Marathon" We started in the Black Horse at 11am and went to the following pubs, Chaucers, Well House. The Ship, George's Meeting House (food stop), The Fat Pig, Bishops Blaze, The Prospect, On The Waterfront, The Hour Glass, The City Gate, Oddfellows and finished about 17.30pm in The Rusty Bike.

Beers Available on the Exeter Half Pint Marathon are under the pub pics.

Black Horse:
Greene King IPA 3.6%
Green King Old Golden Hen 4.1%
Sharps Doom Bar 4%

Ringwood Best 3.8%
Jenning's Cockle Warmer 4.2%
Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5%
Wychwood Skint Flint 3.9%

(Marked Coming Soon)

Well House:
Ringwood XXXX Porter 4.7%
Ringwood Forty-Niner 4.9%
Bays Devon Dumpling 5.1%
Skinners Betty Stogs 4%
Cotleigh Barn Owl 4.5%
Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5%

The Ship
Greene King Abbot Ale 5%
Old Speckled Hen 4.5%
Greene King IPA 3.6%

Fat Pig
Dartmoor Jail Ale 4.8%
O'Hanlon's Yellow Hammer 4%
Exeter Avocet 3.9%

Exeter Falls Over 5%
Dartmoor Legend 4.4.%
St Austell Tribute 4.2%

George's Meeting House
Branscombe Summa That 5%
O'Hanlons Stormstay 5%
Town Mill Lyme Gold 4.2%
Exmoor Gold 4.5%
Dartmoor Jail Ale 4.8%
Dartmoor IPA 4.8%
Dartmoor Dragon's Breath 4.4%

Rusty Bike
Exeter Fraid Not 4%
Exeter Falls Over 5%
O'Hanlon's Yellow Hammer 4%

On the Waterfront
Dartmoor Jail Ale 4.8%
O'Hanlon's Yellow Hammer 4%
Exeter Falls Over 5%
Otter Bitter 3.6%

Bishop Blaize
Dartmoor Jail Ale 4.8%

Hour Glass
Dorset Brewing Co
Jurassic 4.2%
Otter Bitter 3.6%
Exeter Avocet 3.9%
Ferryman 4.2%

City Gate
O'Hanlon's Yellow Hammer 4%
Youngs Bitter 3.7%
Youngs Special 4.5
Youngs Winter Warmer 5%

St Austell Trelawny 3.8%
St Austell Tribute 4.2%
St Austell Proper Job 4.5%
Odd Ale 4% (Brewery undisclosed)

26 Jan 2013 - Tiverton Surveying

​Branch members went by bus to Tiverton to test the real ale scene there, some pubs were not selling real ale, but the ones visited were:


  •  Goldy's
  • Half Moon
  • Inn on The Green
  • The Racehorse
  • The White Ball Inn
  • White Horse
  • Queens Head

01 Feb 2013

Winter Pub of the Season

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02 Feb 2013

Trip to Dorchester to go to the BeerEx Festival

Many members of the branch jumped on a pre-arranged bus and went to Dorchester for the day to enjoy the delights of the BeerEX beer festival run by the Round Table and CAMRA, an event that is very successful and is all for charity.

After the festival some members went to the Colliton Club, others to the Royal Oak Pub and some looked around town.


16th March 2013



On March 16th the branch went to The Yeoford Beer Festival and it was very well attended. Comments were that because it was put on as an event more members went along. It was a very enjoyable festival and understandable why some members go along each year. It should become a regular event for us each year.​


23rd March 2013



we had our first RUNABOUT for the year and the weather was reasonably kind to us, being dry, out in our most rural area of the branch. All who went had a very enjoyable day visiting a lot of pubs, eleven in total. The big disappointment was the very small number of members who bothered to come. It is hard to understand why so few do come on these events which have been the case for a while.


You get a free minibus and visit pubs most are unlikely to ever go to other than on an event such as this. Anyhow a big thank you to Jane our very capable driver and to Nick who did very well navigating the most remote lanes in our area.


30th March 2013

Walkabout around Topsham


We had a walkabout around Topsham in order to have a drink or two and complete further details for WHAT PUB


13th April 2013

Two Brewery Visit


We had another Two Brewery Visit, this time to Yeovil Ales and O’Hanlons.
Both breweries looked after us very well having 5 or 6 beers on for to sample at our leisure.


15th April 2013

Games Night


We had a Games Evening at The Bridge Inn Topsham.


Jane kindly brought along the three games that usually only see the light of day at The F.O.W.A. and everybody had a good go at these.


Also Alison brought along a Treasure Hunt Board appropriately marked with branch related points and we all had the chance to decide where the treasure was. Barry 2 was closest and got the treasure.Jane and Alison were thanked by the branch for their efforts.


09th May 2013

Pub of the season


For details of this Spring pub and pictures please click


11th May 2013

Milds in May


For event and pictures please click


07th June 2013

Fish and Chips and Cellar Tour


We went to the Imperial in Exeter, to savour for some fish and chips and enjoy a tour of their cellar.


15th June

Walk around Exmouth Pubs


For information and pictures please click


21/22nd June 2013

Branch 40th - Trip to Derby


The branch had a very successful weekend away at Derby to celebrate the branches 4oth anniversary. Nine members travelled up by car or train and we were also joined by Jane who was staying nearby with relations.


For information and pictures please click


06th July 2013

Runabout to the Eastern Extremes


14 people on runabout went to COLYFORD the WHEELRIGHT INN and The Whiter Hart   in COLYTON The Kingfisher the Colcombe castle and the Gerrard Arms. in MUSBURY the Golden Hind. in AXMOUTH the ship and Harbour inns. UPLYME The Talbot Arms.In AXMINSTER ther Lamb Inn the Red Lion and Axminster Inn also the Castle inn. in CHARDSTOCK the George Inn in Tytherleigh the Tytherleigh Inn and finally The Tuckers Arms at Dalwood.


20th July

Walkabout in Sidmouth


On Saturday July 20th we had a walkabout in Sidmouth. About eight members joined at various stages visiting nine pubs in the area. Of particular mention is The Balfour Arms which is about a mile from the seafront. There is a new landlord since our last visit who is very keen.


So much so that we were taken down into the cellar for a look and also he bought us all a half pint. It would be a good idea to have a Branch Meeting here next year and he said he would be pleased to have us.


24th July

BBQ at Otter Brewery


For information and pictures please click


27th July

Summer Pub of the Season at The Bridge Inn, Topsham.


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27th July 2013

Topsham to Exmouth Walk


About 10 people visited The exeter Inn and The Bridge Topsham. The Puffing Billy Exton. In Lympstobne The swan The redwing and The Globe. Exmouth The Powder Monkey and The Grape vine


01st August

Honiton Crawl

we did a walkabout around Honiton calling at the seven pubs in the town. It was an opportune time to visit because the new Wetherspoons, The Star Inn, had been only open three days. Further a completely refurbished Three Tuns had only been open for two weeks. About ten members joined this event at various stages.


Pictures to follow.


03rd August 2013

The Dawlish Ale Trail


Five of us did a Walkabout around Dawlish and visited the pubs there which we like to do once a year. The pubs we visited were The Marine Tavern, The teignmouth Inn, Brunswick Arms, The Swan Inn, The Lansdowne, The White Hart, South Devon Inn, gresham House Inn, Railway Inn.


24th August 2013



Details too follow


28th August 2013

Seaton and Beer Walkabout


Several of us went on this trip and visited some of Seaton's and Beer's pubs on the the East Coast of Devon, the pubs in Seaton we visited was Eyre Court Hotel, The George Inn, Kings Arms, The Royal Clarence, Winstons, The Hook and Parrott, The Vault and P.J.'s Social Club.


When we arrived in Beer there was only two open The Anchor and The Dolphin.


14th September 2013

Fat Pig Brewery opening day.


Details to come


28th September 2013

40th Anniversary bash, at the Bridge Inn, Topsham


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12th October 2013

Tuckers Maltings/Teignworthy Brewery Tour


A group of us visited Tuckers Maltings, and have a tour guide us around, we enjoyed some of the best pork scratching around, wonderful beer from Teighnworthy Brewery, before having a look around the brewery, and finally ending the day with more beer and a buffet feast.









19th October 2013

Runabout to West Honiton.


Details to come


22nd October 2013

Cider and Cheese night


Our host Chris Coles from Green Valley Cider at Darts Farm, tempted us with cider and cheese. It was a good night enjoyed by many.


2nd November 2013

Bristol Pub Walk





All of these came reccomended and represented a very good selection on a trail heading into the main shopping area.The beer ranges were very good and a couple of the pubs were gems.





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